Life in the north country

I moved to no Idaho from California where I used to travel the Pow Wow circuit and sold a lot of my native American crafts. I moved to Idaho in 2007 and Pow Wows are far and few between as are Indian Casino's. I had to look for another way to market my handmade crafts. I tried Ebay but found it wasn't for me as I seemed to get lost in the shuffle. Everything that you see in my shop is handmade by me with the exception supply items, gemstones and magnets used for magnetic jewelry, . I first joined Etsy as a buyer to buy beads and beading supplies, but I decided I wanted to try and list a few items and try selling as well so here I am. Since the early days my shop has grown and I've added lots of different and unique items.

I love Etsy, the Etsy community, the treasuries, teams and forums and since I've joined I've made many good friends here.

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